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Escape This Bar game playNow your business can leverage the Escape Room trend that’s sweeping the nation. Escape This Bar is a unique and fun-filled game that can be set up in minutes at any venue. Our escape room experience engages your customers, drives traffic, boosts bartender tips, increases jukebox plays and gives your customers a fun way to interact with your bar in a novel way you never dreamed of.

America loves escape games, and your customers will too!  Escape games have been a huge growing industry in the US for the past several years.  With our portable kit you can interest your customer-base and attract new patrons by offering something no one else has: an in-bar escape room experience.

Each Escape This Bar kit comes with everything you need to create an instant escape room game: a set of engaging puzzles players will need to work out to “escape” your bar. Puzzles are built into items customers would typically see in a bar.  If the customers need an extra clue, they can even tip your bartender for a hint.

Customers love the unique experience!

Bartenders love the extra tips!

Owners love the increase in traffic!

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